Our state-of-the-art alignment equipment allows us to meet manufacturers' specifications within 1/100th of and inch to insure the safety and precision of your vehicle. We even have trained technicians in hybrid powered technology who will restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Most of today’s modern automobiles are of unibody construction. Unibody repairs need special equipment that is operated by our journeymen. (Journeymen are more qualified than bodymen; they have completed an apprenticeship and specific training courses.) The proper repair of unseen damage is critical to the safety and performance of any vehicle. Here at Quality Body and Fender we utilized the equipment properly which allows us to guaranty our work.

Modern vehicles and Hybrids often integrate plastic parts as part of their body structure. We have the technology that is necessary to deal with these materials and the unique problems they present in structural repair of your vehicle.

When your vehicle is repaired properly, it should be impossible to tell that you have been involved in an accident.

Your paint must match perfectly and your vehicle must drive like it did before the accident.

The highest quality repairs are what you can expect from Quality Body & Fender.